You Might Be the patient of Depression Without Even Knowing.

Depressed Person

Depression a serious medical illness is the disorder of the brain. Additionally, it is considered as a slow poison that slowly kills the person inside and leads them to death. However, it is treatable. It actually causes the physical as well as emotional problems reducing the productivity of a person.

DepressionIn a research, it is found that 6.7% of youths in a year and 16.6% of people in a life experiences depression. However, the women are more prone to depression than men where one third of women experience it in their life time.

Now-a-days, it is the major problem of the 21st century. The causes can be biological, environmental, genetic or psychological factors.


Danphemag has collected several depression’s symptoms that everyone should be aware of. If you ever happen to experience any of the following signs or symptoms for two weeks on daily basis, you might have been the victim of depression.


1. You don’t like to hang out with friends, relatives or any close one.

2. Sleeping continuously day and night.

3. You might develop a Feeling of failure.

4. Not doing usually enjoyable activities.

6. Not being able to feel the pleasure of anything.

7. Not getting important works finished on time.

8. Feeling of mentally as well as physically down.

9. You lack confidence.

10. Your weight changes significantly.

11. You lack concentration and have memory problems.

12. Feeling worthless.

13. Relying on alcohol.

If you have felt these symptoms for at least two weeks then you should consult your doctor.


However, some people end up considering the sadness or grief as depression. The loss of job, break up in relationship and so on are the causes for feelings of sadness.

Around 80%-90% depression’s patient report well treatment for depression. The actual cause of depression should be identified through a series of blood test, physical examination or interviews before treatment. The followings are the treatments for depression depending on their specific causes.

  1. MedicationMedication: Antidepressant can help fight depression. Use antidepressant after consulting a doctor and report about the effectiveness of antidepressant. Antidepressant might take upto 2-4 weeks to be effective.


  1. Electroconvulsive TherapyElectroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): It is the treatment for severe depression. It is the electrical stimulation of a brain for 2-3 times a week, of anesthetic patient.


  1. Psychotherapy: It is also called talk therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is more effective to treat depression where problem solving takes place focusing on the present.

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