Why you should be eating more Raisins?

Raisin in a Cup


RaisinRaisins are the dehydrated white-fleshed grapes which makes it nutrients concentrated. It is a good source of vitamins, iron, carbohydrates, potassium and so on.

We at Danphe Magazine have collected the information on the benefits of consuming raisins as below:

Benefits of Raisin:

    • OsteoporosisRaisins contain a lot of calcium, potassium and a boron, micro nutrient (very small amount of nutrient required by body). They can help strengthen your bones and reduce the chances of osteoporosis.
    • It is a great source of potassium. This mineral helps normalize hypertension as there’s correlation between reduced hypertension and consumption of raisins. It’s also good for the cardiovascular system.
    • Consume more raisins to treat anemia and insomnia. Iron, vitamin B complex and copper present in raisins are important for the production of red blood cells.
    • It is full of anti-oxidants and contains phenolic phytonutrients. They help promote a strong immune system and protect you against illness like fever etc. Also, it protects the eyes from free radical’s damages to the eye.
    • Relieves Constipation:

    • ConstipationEating raisins protects regular bowel movement because of the fiber in them. Fiber also helps lower the risk of colon cancer as well as relieves constipation.
    • It prevents from kidney stones. It also purifies blood, promoting the liver health.
    • The amino acid called arginine, helps to treat erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it increases the chance of conception by increasing the sperm mobility.
    • It can reduce frequency as well as unpredictability of diarrhea by absorbing its liquid.
    • Regular consumption of raisins prevents acidity as well as suppresses chronic inflammation.Additionally, it prevents from bacterial growth, discomfort from bloating and other intestinal diseases too.
    • Teeth and GumsIt contains phytochemicals called Oleanolic acid prevents teeth against cavities, decay and brittleness. The calcium present in raisins promotes healthy teeth and gums.
    • It helps to gain weight since they are full of fructose and glucose without consumption of unhealthy foods.
    • Daily consumption of raisins makes your hair thick and shiny as the vitamin C prevents cell damage. Additionally, the vitamin C and antioxidants present in raisins makes skin taunt, youthful and radiant.
    • It stimulates cholesterol burn promoting good heart health.
    • It can control diabetes by lowering the postprandial insulin response.


Note: Excessive use of raisin might cause allergy, unwanted weight gain and increased risk of diabetes.

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