Why you feel tired all the time?

Lack of sleep


Everyone feels tired at some point in life. The reason might differ from person to person. For instance, late night out, staying up too late to watch your favorite reality/ TV shows, over time work and so on.

Do you also feel tired all the time? Have you ever failed to pin point the reasons behind your tiredness? Do you want to get yourself into action by overcoming the tiredness?

Then this article is perfect for you to know the reasons for feeling drained and the ways to get re-energized.


Lack of sleepIt is obvious reason as the consequences will be the array of problems. For instance, fatigue, high blood pressure, obesity and increased risk of death. Followings are some tips for getting the recommended hours of sleep every night.
 Make a consistent sleep routine for every day, even for weekends too.
 Do no lay awake in beds.
 Avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol and tobacco before going to bed.
 Make your bedroom quiet, dark and comfortable.


Unhealthy FoodsHealthy balanced diet makes your tiredness and fatigue banish. Following are some adjustments you can make in your diet.
 Eat meals having right number of calories at regular intervals, cutting down the sugar level.
 Ensure you consume sufficient fruits, vegetables and grains.
 Drink enough water.
 Shift to fat-free or low-fat meals.



CyclingDo you sit on the couch and get relaxed when you feel tired? But the University of Georgia found in research that the exercise lasting for around 20 minutes helped to boost energy.
The US Department of Health and Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggests 2 hours and 30 minutes of exercise per week for every adult.
So, begin moderate-intensity exercises like playing tennis, riding a cycle etc.


High StressThe short list stress is healthy as it makes us alert and we can perform better. But the prolonged stress causes exhaustion and causes headaches, migraines and so on. The following tips might be helpful overcoming your stress:
 Identify the source of stress, common themes and patterns too.
 Know your limit and accept the things you cannot change.
 Avoid the company of persons who stress you out. Rather spend time and express your feelings and concerns with family and friends.
 Be optimist to every stressful situation.
 Learn to forgive.


DepressionThough you have changed life style, thee medical conditions can be the underlying reasons for tiredness. Some of them are:
 Anemia
 Diabetes
 Depression
 Heart disease
 Pregnancy
 Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
 Anxiety

If you feel that certain medical conditions is making you feel tires, make appointment with doctors to discuss.

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