Why Good Sleep is Important And 10 Proven Tips to Help you Sleep Quickly


Good sleep simply means resting from both physical and mental torture that happens throughout all day along because of works, pressure etc . Additionally, it is an essential marker of general well being and prosperity. Moreover, sleeping is an extraordinary factor that effects on the well being of each.

Today, Danphe Magazine is going to tell you about the significance and tricks for better sleep.

At the end of the article, there is a bonus tip that will provide some very simple but effective ways for better sleep.

10 reasons why good  sleep is important

1. Poor Sleep Can Make You Fat.

If you want to lose weight sleeping less is not a solution, in fact, it will increase the weight. Poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain.

2. A sound sleep can increase thinking power, memory as well as concentration

3 A good sleep can increase players performance

4. Poor sleep may lead us to depression

5 Sleeping directly affect the emotions and social interactions.

6. The glow of face skin may decrease because of poor sleep.

7. Poor sleep can change people thinking from positive to negative.

8. Poor sleep may cause people with many heart disease, brains attacks.

10 proven tips to help you sleep quickly

1. Listen to relaxing music

2. Make the room comfortable, dark and maintain low temperature.

3. Practicing meditation before going to bed also help you to sleep fast.

4. Do not look at the clock.

5. Adjust to the better sleeping position.

6. Turn all the electronic gadgets off.

7.Dream of things that make you more peaceful and happy.

8. Try to read something like books but not on mobile, laptops or in any other electric gadgets

9. Think of happy moments that you have passed.

10.Drink enough water before going to bed


  1. Do not consume coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks etc.
  2. Avoid taking nap especially after 3 pm.
  3. If you are not asleep within 15-20 minutes, get out of bed and do something that makes you relaxed.
  4. Do not think about the problems in bed.
  5. Maintain a regular schedule for sleeping.

Are you aware of any other techniques that helped you for better sleeping? Please do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.

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