The Ten Usual Habits that are Usually Bad for You

We always tend to think about smoking, drinking, consuming junk food, injecting drugs as lousy stuff that ruins our health, career despite these worse habits there are other several dangerous habits we are following without even noticing.

this following habits for a man and women a to follow and avoid that for best life


Today, Danphemagazine has collected these habits you are following which could be doing you more wrong than right.
1. Not having proper time for food
It could be good if you could try to maintain consuming food at the same time daily. Because of the lack of routine, your mental health would not be sound. This may lead to you some serious problems at your old age.

2.Drinking Unfiltered Water
Drinking water direct from a stream, well is always dangerous for health even drinking the direct water from the tap is not perfect. You may think you are drinking from a clean source of water, but it is slowly poisoning you.

3. Using Too Much Time on Social Media
Social media are built for a secure connection between the peoples who lives hook and corners of the world despite taking the advantage nowadays people are overusing it by killing their time. Researchers have found that someone who spends more than 2 hours on social media is becoming the victim of depression and are losing their strengths.

4.Wearing clothes while Sleeping
Sleeping with clothes disturb the quality of your sleep. Tight t-shirts, pants can affect the blood circulation that will make you too uncomfortable. Sleeping with regular garments seems very bad that you cannot even imagine.

5. Sitting a Long Time
Spending a long time just sitting in the same place affect you body pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar. That will lead the person to become laziness by killing all the active cells.

6. unmanaged Sleeping routines
Getting too much or too less sleeping is not good for health although sleeping is an absolute requirement for good health.Researchers have found that young person who sleeps more than 8 hours a day might face heart disease problem. The one who sleeps more probably likely die younger.

7. Using Perfumes
The manufacturer often uses synthetic substances to make perfumes and get stronger scents. These substances can cause dizziness, Nausea and drowsiness and also it irritates your eyes, throat and skin.

8. Brushing Your Teeth Right After Eating
Brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after eating. Food and drink especially which are highly acidic affect the enamel of your tooth, as well as dentin layer below, also the movement of toothbrush pushes the acid deeper closer to the dentin which can lead to the extreme sensitivity and damage the enamel.

9.Nail Biting
Nail biting is not just a bad habit it’s quite more than that.
According to Researchers who tend to bite nail have more positive signs of having diarrhea and other vomiting diseases.

10. Eating Fruits and Vegetables without washing
Not washing your fruits and vegetables before eating is like playing with fire. Many Vegetables, fruits are grown in the ground which may be contaminated with the many bacterial diseases that lie on the ground. Without washing Properly, don’t eat anything anyplace.

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