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Motivate / Motivation:

The word motivation is derived from ‘motive’ which means desire, willingness etc. It is the act of making people do actions to achieve goals. Everyone wants to motivate/influence people around them. Here are the 25 scientifically proven tips to motivate anyone around you.

  1. Teach Self Discipline:

    motivate yourself - self motivationDiscipline is the first and foremost thing that most of the peoples out there tend to lack. Personality is incomplete without the attributes. For instance, your outfits are amazing, and you deem to be well groomed but your manners are no less than a savage, and at the end of the day it causes a bunch of problems to figure out your personality to whom you are motivating.

  2. Be the cause not the effect:

    Never expect on results in advance. Expecting outputs way far-off from the learning curve that you’re going through causes disappointment. Be the reason for a good motivation.

  3. Stop Criticizing Upper management:

    How to impress people in 5 minutes by danphe magazineCriticism leads to negative enhancement and frustration. Never criticize the ones who are at corporate level or the cloud nine. Instead, conglomerate your takes with the beings who are aspiring to reach out your routine behavior.

  4. Do the one thing:

    Multi-tasking sounds great and can even yield double products, but it inevitably weakens the either or. Just give 100% on what you’ve gained confidence and expertise on so far.

  5. Keep giving feedback:

    feedback for motivation / to motivateNever stop commenting and analyzing. Feed-backing helps to trace out the problems which are already 50% of the solution. Feedback helps to explain the situations critically and to improve the takes.

  6. Get input from your people:

    Gain input from the ambiance and let it out to the same. When you gain more information, either by being a spokesperson or whatever, you enhance your level of knowledge, ideas as it accumulates one after another in a row.

  7. Lead from the front

    Taking initiation sounds to be a hard style in a leadership process but taking the lead is eventually better than solving the situations later.

  8. Tell the truth quickly:

    Never hesitate or stammer to speak the things out. It creates confusion, ambiguity and causes a high level of skepticism from the people. So be confident and speak the truth out.

  9. Don’t confuse stressing out with caring:

    care to motivateAlways be on point that you should be caring rather than stressing the people out there. You should be motivating them by way of incentives and rewards rather than getting them to hold with future problems that might be near if they skip doing so.

  10. Manage your superiors:

    Always be humble with your seniors and listen to their advice. Whatever it is, even if it sounds absurd and fragile, look. You can cast the feedback at last.

  11. To motivate your people first relax

    The Frighten Captain makes a frightened crew -Lister Sinclair
    The more relaxed you are, the more confident you feel, and you can automatically become an excellent public speaker. So, don’t only learn to speeches that you are going to give, Practising relaxing too.

  12. Don’t throw the quit switch

    Make your habit not to throw the quit switch early in any process. If you weren’t in the habit of switching anything off, any work soon you would achieve any goal you could set. Do not quit yourself as a leader or on your team as producers. The less of a quitter you are, the more of a motivator you become.

  13. Led with enthusiasm

    Enthusiasm is contagious if you are excited about your idea then everyone on your team will be thrilled. Nothing great is created without passion. Always remember interest drives you to your success.

  14. Encourage your people to concentrate

    mindfulness meditationThe first law of success is concentration. Always focus on your work until it gets done.

  15. Give up being right

    A powerful motivational leader who is admired and respected is one who does not have to be right about anything. Being right is never going to matter in the long run and what’s going to matter on the long term is achieving something.

  16. Wake yourself Up

    Another way to build your leadership skill is by increasing your awareness of what’s been happening in the world. As you become more aware of the present situation, then you will become a great leader.

  17. Focus like a camera

    When you are at a meeting with someone you need to make them like you are listening to them. You need to focus on the subject that they are talking about. When you concentrated on the issue and told your employe ok lets to go ahead and fix this issue, your employer will pick up on his gentle, relaxed sense of focus and be honored by it. And, if you start to SMS, picking up phones, returning emails, by thinking as multitasking you are not respecting them this will only worsen the mess up.

  18. Phase out disagreement

    Always value other peoples way of thoughts. Never say you are wrong that automatically leads another person in the worse mood than they were before. How can you motivate another person by making them feel stupid? Respect others opinion and make them feel like they are valued.

  19. Keep learning

    Seek Knowledge, motivateEven a child can be your teacher you can learn something new everywhere at works or launch or a meeting. Always stay in the learning curve and let your people know that you are learning so that it will be easier for your people to approach you with good ideas. Happiness is all about growing, and happy people are more motivational than an unhappy one.

  20. Hear your people out

    People are highway motivated by listeners. Always listen what your people say and their problem is. Try to think from their perspectives. To help your people to get what they want to be mindful of them and listen to them until you understand what they want.

  21. Give power to the other person

    When you are in a leadership position, you always need to think of how other person feels. Your only goal is to agree with your thoughts, and the motivation is all about creating the agreements. If you want another person gets some work done that you think needs to be done, then you need to give them the power to lead and speak and make their new commitments. Don’t ever talk in an assertive way to your people.

  22. Manage agreements, not people

    Be CleverThe leader’s priority is to make the relationship is the matured one. People make a mistake when they are trying to manage their people. A true leader instead leads agreements. A leader creates a deal with the team members and enters an agreement on a mature basis. It would be hard for the leader if he runs around managing the people emotions and personalities. Once the arrangements are made, then they don’t have to manage several times anymore.

  23. Feed Your Healthy Ego:
    We all have a high self-esteem spirit inside of us. The easy way to find a person to follow is one who has self-confidence. Most people don’t take time to raise their self-esteem. They spend too much time on how they are being perceived by society, and they forget to build their results in insecurity and low self-esteem. Build your inner strength by doing what needs to be done and then move to the next things that need to be done.
  1. Stop talking

    Calling people by nameYou don’t have to tell too much whether you are at work, office. If you are an interviewer remember your job is to intuit the motivational level of the person across from you. You can only do that by letting them answer after question and question. Don’t ask about the company history or other unnecessary problems. Just stop such silly talking. Great leaders are always great recruiters.

  2. Refuse to buy their limitations

    Your people limit themselves all the time. They put up false barriers and struggle with imaginary problems. One of skill as a leader you need to have is to show your people that they can accomplish more than they think they can. One of the reasons people wind up admiring is you that you always see their potential. You still see the best side of them. Because of you, he will become more capable then he thought.

Do you know any other tips that anyone must know if they want to motivate employees/followers/ anyone around them? Do not hesitate to share those tips in the comment section below.


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