Own Your Tomorrow – Just Be Yourself

Own Your Tomorrow - Be Yourself

Be yourself – this statement might be more familiar to you. What if someone is a jerk to others or fear of social situations? Is it okay for them to be a jerk or fear from social situations? In reality, the conditions and fear of social situations cover the real identity of a person.  

“Being yourself means letting go of the stories, judgments and being natural without pretentiousness and mask”. 

Alan Watts says, “Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.”

Own Your Tomorrow - Be YourselfI think we get scared sometimes because we fit into this very formulaic pattern of what it means to be successful. Our sense of identity is tied to the things that we possess and things that we own, and our sense of fulfillment is based on things that come from outside of us rather than inside of us.

Nobody is telling us that:

We need to be honest.

We need to be compassionate.

Also, we need to be merciful.

We need to be just.

We need to be loving.

Additionally, we need to be generous.

They are telling us that our sense of worth is based on what it is that we drive, and how big of that things it must be. So,

You will learn how to be a doctor.

You will learn how to be a lawyer.

Also, you will learn how to be an engineer.

You will learn how to be an artist, an activist, an academic.

But, as you learn how to be a worker, most of us are not learning how to be a thinker.

We are not engaged in spaces where we are understanding why we love what we love, or why do we hate what we hate, or why do we desire what we desire.

Your story is not your story when you force yourself to become someone else’s story.

Owning your own story and loving yourself is the bravest thing you will ever do.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and love yourself.

Own Your Tomorrow - Be YourselfThe only person you need to compare yourself today to is the person you were yesterday. If you want to have a competition with anybody then make it between these two people. You will find yourself in a space with a person you are today is no longer afraid to meet the person that you can become tomorrow.


The following tips can help you find the real identity of yourself to be yourself.

  • Be aware of your thoughts and eccentric opinions.
  • Stop worrying about being judged and be yourself on purpose.
  •  Follow your intuition and love yourself to be yourself.
  • Everyone is weird. So, enjoy being yourself to the fullest.


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