Mindfulness Meditation : Benefits To Consider For Quality Lifestyle

mindfulness meditation

mindfulness meditationMindfulness meditation is the practice that been practicing since antiquity in numerous religious, tradition, beliefs. Additionally, it is also called the salvation path. Though the popularity of mindfulness meditation is increasing day by day however, many people are considering it as a way of increasing concentration while reducing the stress. Moreover, mindfulness meditation can be taken as a training of mind for focusing and redirecting the thoughts.

Today, Danphe Magazine have reviewed the benefits of meditation on a daily basis as below:

20 Benefits of Meditation

  1. Meditation gradually increases the level of concentration and focus.
  2. Meditation Physically changes your Brain.
  3. This is the best medicine for people who are out of self-control.
  4. Meditation helps people to reduce their bad feeling/emotion such as stress, anxiety, depression etc.
  5. Practicing meditation helps people to control their short temper problem.
  6. Meditation helps you to overcome bad habits that you have been going through.
  7. Meditation helps us to increase positive emotions that lead us to happiness.
  8. Increases the level to solve the problems by making a better decision.
  9. Meditation helps us to become physically healthy by maintaining breathing and heartbeat rates it also helps to reduce the pressure.
  10. Purifies your character.
  11. Meditation helps to reduce consumption of more alcohol and substance abuse.
  12. Meditation enhances your immune system.
  13. Increases the memory power and helps to think creatively.
  14. Meditation takes you to the path of enlightenment.
  15. Meditation slows skin aging.
  16. Increases intelligence level.
  17. Helps us to learn the deeper understanding of everything.
  18. Decreased the tendency to worry.
  19. Meditation helps to improve sleep problem.
  20. Meditation gives the mental strength more than anything.

However, there are two types of mindfulness meditation:

  • Focused-attention meditation

In this type of meditation, people concentrate either on single object or breathing or mantras or on a calming sound to increase the concentration.

  • Open monitoring meditation

Alternatively, in this type of meditation people broadens the concentration to be aware of feelings, impulses or thoughts.

Everyone can do mindfulness meditation to improve their emotional as well as mental health and quality of life.

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