Low Blood Pressure Symptoms and Home Treatments

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Blood pressure means the pressure that flows with the blood within the blood vessel is normally understood as blood pressure (B.P). Blood pressure is measured by using an instrument called a Sphygmomanometer. While measuring the blood pressure 120/80 is understood as the normal blood pressure where the number 120 represents the systolic blood pressure and the number 80 represents as the diastolic pressure. Hypotension is also called as low blood pressure. When the systolic pressure is below under 117 and diastolic pressure is below under 70 it is considered as the low blood pressure.
Today  Danphemag is here to guide to about the symptoms and solution of low blood pressure.

Balanced Blood Pressure1. You feel dizziness and lightheaded

This is the most common signs of low blood pressure. This usually causes when you stand up suddenly after a long rest.

2. Frequent Fainting

When someone is suffering from low blood pressure his or her brain cells do not receive sufficient oxygen which may lead towards the sudden fainting or sudden collapse.

3. Irregular Heartbeat

When someone is suffering from hypotension also called low blood pressure sometimes the heart does not have enough time to fill with blood, the heart compensates by beating faster which results in overworking of heart.

4. Lack of concentration

If you have choric low pressure as well as difficulty in concentrating it may be because of lack of required oxygen to the brain cells. Shortage of oxygen and nutrient disturb the brain nourishment.


5. Increased Thirst

You will drink a lot of water than usual when you have low blood pressure. Low body pressure induces improving mechanism by triggering thirst to rehydrate.


Common Treatments For Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure
Carrots1. Drink Lemon Juice, Carrot juice every day.

2. Get enough sleep.

3. Maintain proper time for eating foods.

4. Have required amount of salt not excessive.

5. Increase your activity and exercise more.

6. Reduce Stress.

7. Stop smoking.

8. Eat Dark chocolates that contain more nutrients.

9. Try attending meditation and yoga.

10. Don’t Get up fast after a long rest.

11. Avoid long hot bath.

These given points are the simples tricks to maintain your  low blood pressure

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