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Latest Technology’s Quantum Leap: DNA report

Genetic Fortune Telling ImageLatest technological advancements have made great breakthrough in various fields. For instance, 3D printing, sensing city, zero carbon natural gas, genetic-fortune telling and so on.

The latest innovation in technology, genetic-fortune telling will enable to predict the chances of getting heart disease, cancer, level of smartness with the help of DNA report card of an individual. The prediction uses the genome’s information of an individual. Consequently, the genetic-fortune telling (DNA based prediction) can be the upcoming quantum leap in public health.


One of the current technology news included Rotman saying: “Nothing like this have been possible before”. DNA reports are the future for figuring the kids characteristics after they born as the genes hold diseases’s and behavior’s traits.

Genetic Fortune Telling Technique

DNA imageThe latest computer technology has made huge amount of people’s gene information available. Using the information available, the scientists are creating “polygenic risk scores”. The “polygenic risk scores” summarizes the genome-wide genotype data into a single variant. Thus summarized varient enables to identify the possibility of genetic liability for a trait or diseases. It is also termed as genetic risk score and genome-wide score. The key players behind this latest technological innovation includes Helix, Myriad Genetics, Broad institute, UK Biobank and 23andMe.

Though the latest innovation: polygenic risk scores is able to predict any traits including diseases, IQ scores and so on far from being perfect, it is controversial too. For instance, who will be interested to know that they are prone to Alzheimer’s. What if someone with low risk score of cancer is not screened but ultimately develops cancer?.

Additionally, it will be more useful for prediction by combining polygenic risk scores with the environmental factors. According to geneticist Eric Turkheimer, the possibility of genetic data used for both good and bad purposes makes the new technology simultaneously exciting as well as alarming. Also, the polygenic risk scores raise ethical concerns, privacy and the risk of occurring genetic discrimination.

In a nutshell, the genetic fortune telling predicts the chances of suffering from diseases, being smarter than the average, behavior traits and so on. But will it change the trends and system for educating the upcoming students?

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