Interesting Facts About Sex You Need To Know

Interesting and Bizarre Facts About Sex

Sex is one of the most arguably extremely vital parts of any romantic relationship. Additionally, it is the act of intimacy expression that benefits one’s health and life. The interesting and bizarre facts about sex that you need to know are as below:

  1. After the workout is the best time to have sex.
  2. The Clitoris is more sensitive than the penis.
  3. The size of the penis on average is 5.5 inches long when erect.
  4. During orgasm, the heartbeat of man and woman averages 140 per minute.HeartBEat
  5. It’s believed that about 75% of men ejaculate within three minutes of penetration.
  6. Sex helps to release tension and help a headache go away.
  7. Orgasms are good for you.
  8. Sex can improve your mind power.
  9. One’s mind becomes more active while they see naked people of their opposite gender.Brain
  10. Women think about sex more than men.
  11. One’s temperature becomes highest when they touch on your chest or face.
  12. Female orgasms last more than male orgasms. Female orgasms usually last about 20 seconds while men last about 6 seconds.
  13. A Part of the female brain called as amygdala which is responsible for anxiety, depression, switches off during sex.
  14. Sex makes people as happy as earnings of 1,00,000 dollars.
  15. During sex, one-person burns 144 calories. Additionally, a teaspoon of semen contains around 5 calories.
  16. People buy 7 Viagra’s tablets every second.
  17. On average fat men last longer than slim men.
  18. The most satisfied country for sex is Nigeria.
  19. There are around 100 million acts of sexual intercourse daily.
  20. About half of men think that they have a very small penis. However, 80% of women are totally satisfied with the size of the partner’s penis.
  21. The average speed of ejaculation is 28km/hr.
  22. The inner nose also swells along with genitals and breasts during sexual intercourse.
  23. The sperm bank maintains -321 degrees Fahrenheit to store semen.Temperature: -321F
  24.  Some women can have an orgasm during childbirth.
  25. During a lifetime, a man is able to ejaculate 17 liters of semen.
  26. The vibrator, sex toy for women was originally designed to fight anxiety in the 19th century.

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