How to make people like you or fall in love with you?

How to make people like you in 5 minutes

Tricks To Make People Like Your or Fall In Love

Whether you are at Market, Office, public bus, applying for a job, negotiating a deal or on your knees for the marriage proposal the secret of success is based upon the perception of the person for you. To make people like you in first interaction and within 5 minutes, you must know the following tips. If you can make people like or love you in the first five minutes, then you have everything. There is a saying that the “first impression is the last impression.

People react according to how you respond to them. If you negotiate with them nicely, then the same goes for you too. Always remember other people are your most excellent resource. As long as you are connecting with other people, you are bringing tremendous rewards which you probably won’t recognize.
Here are the tips you need to handle to make people like or fall in love with you.

The Greeting

      Know interest by analyzing feet positionThe primary part of the greeting is to open your character and body with a broad attitude. Always make the body language open and welcoming. Keep your heart aimed straight at the person you are meeting.                   

eye contactThe secondary part of the greeting is eye contact. Look at the person that you are talking to directly at the eye. Let your eyes reflect genuine attention towards them. Just make sure that the eye contact is not too intense such that the other person feels uncomfortable.
     Live In Present


The third important part of the greeting is the smile. Always smile gently when you greet the other person. This begets the smile from the one you are greeting to. Remember smile also boosts the mood but do not force someone to smile.
So greeting plays a vital role to make people like you or fall in love with you.


Speaking near the ear os a personAlways compliment a person sincerely, openly and frequently. It is because the desire of becoming important is the deepest urge of human nature. Anyone can differentiate between the sincere compliment and the insincere flattery. So, make sure that the compliment you make is from your heart so that the person you are complementing begins to like you or even fall in love with you.


Talk about what they love

First DateWhenever it comes to making people like you or even fall in love with you, talking about the things other people enjoy is giving them much value which any human seek for. They dive deep into the things they like and share their opinion. Just remember, not to argue on their opinion instead showing the genuine interests in their opinions plays a vital role to influence and make them like you. Remember arguing shutdowns the communication as well as the flow of information so, it’s best to avoid the argument if you want to impress them or make them like you or love you.


Attitude is everything that matters in case of making people like you or make someone fall in love with you. If you have an excellent positive attitude then you are loved everywhere if you have a terrible attitude then there will always be some problem for you. Here is the list of useful and useless attitudes that need to be considered while making people like you or fall in love with you:
Useful attitude: Warm, enthusiastic, supportive, relaxed, confident, interested, cheering, welcoming, engaging, helpful, curious, comfortable, patient,
Useless attitudes: Angry, Impatient, bored, sarcastic, disrespectful, pessimistic, anxious, rude, suspicious, vengeful, Afraid, Self-conscious, Mocking, Embarrassed, Dutiful.

Tell Secrets

How to make people like you in 5 minutesSelf-disclosure is one of the best technique to get much closer to each other which was proved to be true by the researchers of the State University of New York. So, feel free to share intimate information with another person. Consequently, they are more likely to get much closer to you or like you or even fall in love with you.

Make ensure that the secrets remain within yourself because trustworthiness is of high value for everyone.

Display the sense of Humor:

How to make people like you in 5 minutesThe researchers at DePaul University and Illinois State University found that participation in humorous activities increases the attraction. Displaying the sense of humor makes people like you or get attracted to you.

Let them talk about themselves:

Allowing someone to share their own story will have a positive impression of your interaction. So, do not haste to interrupt them with your story until they finish their story. Ultimately, they are likely to like you.

Bonus Tips:

  • Casually touch them so that they feel more warmly towards you.
  • Reveal your flaws from time to time while being warm and competent with them.
  • Be a little vulnerable.
  • Act like you are interested in them.
  • Ask questions.
  • Give your time and listen better.

Things you need to avoid:

  • How to impress people in 5 minutes by danphe magazineNot opening eyes not wide enough during the interaction.
  • Avoid the masculine (for men) or feminine (for women) voice.
  • Pulling out the phone during an interaction.
  • Name dropping
  • Oversharing
  • Gossipping
  • Being closed minded
  • Not being curious
  • Humblebragging

Do you know any other tips that anyone must know if they want to make people like you or make them fall in love you? Do not hesitate to share those tips in the comment section below.


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