Amazing Facts About The Human Body Everyone Must Know

Amazing Facts About Human Body

Amazing Facts About Human Body: Have you ever deeply thought about your own body and felt weird and miraculous.

We at Danphe Magazine found 50 stunningly fascinating facts about our body.

  1. Everyone has a unique tongue, fingerprints and body smell.
  2. Normally women’s heart beats faster than men.
  3. We usually forget 90 % of dreams.
  4. The number of bacteria on one person’s mouth is equal to greater than the number of people living on earth.
  5. The human body’s heart beats reaches 35 million times per year.
  6. The speed of sneeze is 160km/hr.
  7. The 35 tons of food is consumed by a person during his/her entire life.
  8. Our skull is made up of 29 different bones.
  9. We are the only livings that sleeps on their backs.
  10. Normally, a person needs 7 minutes to fall asleep.
  11. Among every one of the creatures on the planet, Human are the only creatures that can draw straight lines.
  12. The tongue is the strongest muscle of the human body.
  13. Human eyes can separate 10 million unique colors.
  14. On average a person speaks 4800 words in one day.
  15. A person has about 60 billion blood vessels.
  16. The total weight of bacteria that consist in a human body is 2kg.
  17. A four year child normally asks 450 questions per day.
  18. A person who totally lacks sleep dies quicker than from a man who lacks hunger. Death takes place after 10 days without sleep whereas it would take several weeks to die because of hunger.
  19. Bones are about five times stronger than steel.
  20. Right-handed peoples are likely to live longer by 9 years than left-handed peoples
  21. The cornea is the only part of body without blood supply.
  22. Human brain can survive for 5-10 minutes in without supply of oxygen to it.
  23. The brain will begin to eat itself in case of extreme starvation.
  24. The heart beat will sync with the rhythm of the music you are listening to.
  25. Our feet consists of 1/4th of bones.
  26.  Though we have most of the organs twice, we can survive with the only one of them.
  27. Breathing and swallowing of food cannot be done at the same time.
  28. The acid present in our stomach is capable of dissolving metals.
  29. Facial hair grows faster then others.
  30. Women blink twice than the men while babies blink once or twice per minute.
  31. Female egg is the largest cell in the body while male sperm is the smallest cell.
  32. The saliva produced in a lifetime of a person is enough to fill 2 swimming pools.
  33.  The human brain has a memory of about 4 terabytes.
  34. While kissing 2/3rd people tend to tilt their head to the right.
  35. Only human beings sleep on their back.
  36. The strongest muscle in the human body is jaw muscle.
  37. Our brain produces enough electricity to light a bulb while we are awake.
  38. 7 minutes is the average time for any person to fall asleep.
  39. While nose and ears never stop growing, the size of the eye remains same till death.
  40. We are more taller in the morning by around 1 cm than in the evenings.

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