10 Ways to Improve Memory Power and get Better Grades

Most of always wished if we could improve our memory. Memory might have
been a drawback to clear your essential exams, or you might keep on
forgetting crucial details in your life. Here are a few techniques which might help
you to memorize many things with less effort. These might help you store items in
your long term memory with very less energy.

1.Physical Fitness

Your body must be relaxed and healthy for any mental tasks. So, you must eat
healthy diets (Almonds, Walnuts, etc. which improve memory power) and
drink plenty of water to keep your body and mind hydrated. Provide a
quality sleep to your body.

2. Relax your mind

You should be calm and concentrated whenever you start studying. Try
various meditation techniques and practice deep breathing to relax your mind.
You can never cut a tree by blunt axe; the axe must be sharp. Likewise, spend
time to cool and control your mind, which is very useful for long term
memory power.

3. Be clear of things to Study/Remember

Make a clear plan of things that you are going to study. First, collect all the
materials required and only start studying. Create a schedule and list the
critical points needed to memorize. Then, pay full attention and review

4. Minimize interference

Interference is the primary cause of forgetting, and, in general, the more similar
the materials are, the more likely they are to produce interference. That means
you should arrange to study in such a manner that you don’t review similar
articles right one after another. Instead, work on subjects that are unrelated
and see how your grade improves.

5. Avoid Cramming

Don’t try to cram all the information you want to memorize into long-term
Storage at once. Take time and study regularly. Space your studying over
several sessions, preferably several days. This is very important if you want to
retain the information for an extended period.

6. Understand before memorizing

The common mistake we do is we try to memorize the things without
understanding the content and take a lot of time to remember it and end up
forgetting everything. So, always try to understand the whole content and if
possible, rewrite it in your own words and memorize it.

7. Mnemonics

Mnemonics are simple ways to remember information. There are many
popular mnemonics on various topics. You can create your formulas from
initial letters on the list. You can also develop mnemonics by linking the file
with the area you are familiar with.

8. Creative Ways

You might as well use your creative side to memorize difficult things. Link the
stuff with the items you previously knew and create a story by adding your
innovative team. You will never forget the account you created on your own and
retrieve the information whenever you need.

9. Keep Changing study setting

When you keep on studying in the same place for a very long time your mind find
it monotonous and starts getting lazy. So, keep on changing your position and
the area of study now and then to stay focused.

10. Take breaks

Don’t strain your mind too much. Take a break between two topics. Have
refreshments but don’t take too long breaks and forget you were even
studying. Do mind relaxing activities for 10-15 minutes and get back to study.
There can be lots of other techniques to increase memory power, but most
would be related to the points already mentioned above. Whichever methods
you use, you will learn that it requires your effort to make them work. “No
pain, No gain” So, work hard and hope these techniques will help you.